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It happens only in the city

Posted by vivek | 4 Aug 2004, 11:38am

The other day i was driving on one of the busy streets. Surprisingly everyone stopped for the red signal. Beside me was a posh Ford Mondeo and in front of it was a Bullock cart loaded with hay. A Luna was simply kept on top of the stack of hay. The bull kept moving randomly and due to it the luna slipped and fell bang on the bonet of the 16 Lakh Ford. The impact was so hard that the Luna remained on the Ford's bonet.

The owner barged out of his A/c car and stormed to the guy who was 'driving' the cart.He ( the car owner) vehmently conveyed what he thaught the of the cart guy's mom and what he would like to do with his sister.

Red moved to green and back to red for 4 times and we the spectators wondered whom to blame for this ill-fated time that the Ford owner was confronted with. He can't ask for the repair charges to the cart's 'driver'!

I thaught, such things can happened only here!

Lesson : Don't buy expensive cars. Even if you do, stay away from the roads

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Lessons from Real Life

Posted by vivek | 20 Jul 2004, 8:39pm

When i bought my new Tata Indicom connection that pro(missed) 1000 games as a replacement of my perfectly fine working Airtel, i became the award winning jack-ass of Hyderabad. First of all, where the F@#$ are the damn 1000 games? Now a bigger problem haunts me. My number does not connect with my Home BSNL land line.

"This facility is NAT avalabel yin these telefone" is what i get to listen whenever i try to reach my 1000 games phone using my land line.

Then i try calling the 24x7x365 Customer care line, the messages says " Meeru dail chesina numberu ippududu andhupatulo ledu"..i am zilch in telugu, i guess it says the damn customer care number ( which is supposed to be available all the time) is not available.

Then i try and access the Tata zone, the all free WAP site which allows users to download games and ring tones and wallpapers and all that. When i click on Games, the message reads" Network down,please try again"


Lesson : Don't buy cell phones for playing games

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Lessons from real life

Posted by vivek | 19 Jul 2004, 4:21pm

I have been ignoring my blog for sometime and this post is to let the system retain my blog. Anyway, you know how all these corporates give you tons of work to do which are not much productive in nature?, i was just a victim of such a time consuming labor that despite all my and my team's low productive slogging, the project worked!

Lesson learnt : Even clients can be dorks

Stay tuned for more lessons from real life

Tomorow : How right words used in right time can impress your client.

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Lost in translation

Posted by vivek | 14 May 2004, 11:16pm

I found out something silly today.

Today morning i placed a page 'Congratulate your leader' in my site. The response was good. However, people wrote messages in Hindi and telugu for which we translated and post.  Thinking about translation i just wanted to see how this google translation system works and the following is what i found.

Original message in English

We should really appreciate the guts of Sonia Gandhi who despite being branded as a foreigner has not succumed to pressure. Being from a foreign nation, she has now managed to come the next prime minister of the country. This is not a simple thing to do. I must say she has guts and perseverence of the highest order. If she uses this for the benifit of the nation, i am sure there will be light everywhere. She will be the next indra gandhi of congress.

Translated to French using the google tool

Nous devrions vraiment appr

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what if the Youth voted?

Posted by vivek | 12 May 2004, 9:15pm

Yesterday things got me thinking. What if the entire youth of the nation acted responsibly and actually voted. Given the fact that 40% of the nation is below 25 years of age. That would easily make India the youngest nation in the whole world. Take for instance all of us between 20 and 25 decide to vote and we vote. That itself would be close to 23 Lakhs ( 4 – 5 seats). This 23 lakhs would have the power to influence others between 10 to 20 ( 41 Lakhs) to vote. Even if 50% find time out of girl friends and multi-plexs we have at least 20 lakhs more votes. That’s the kind of number which can create a swing wave. As in influence the people above 25 years to vote.

My point is, the 40% rural mass don’t really understand the real importance of the elections. They are unable to comprehend the seriousness. When they vote and we – the educated and urban hip- happy 5% of the population don’t. The result is a fractured mandate. Now, can the 5% save the inevitable – of a fractured mandate. Yes, not the numbers that we 5% would bring in, but by the trickle down effect that causes others to vote and perhaps vote every time.

Sounds like this is bull crap, well what do you know the ‘ 5%’ rarely votes. We want good roads, more multi-plexes and an out-going law that permits smooching in a coffee pub. But we don’t wanna vote.

Shame on us

Anyway, I always vote.

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Customer service..bull crap

Posted by vivek | 12 May 2004, 2:48am


apart from the infinite supply of email IDs that i can generate from my website ( you know!) i have added another external mail Id ( this one i paid lot of money to get a jumbo mail box, the premium one but later found this F***in mailbox does'nt delete mails. The delete function does not work!..i was like..pooh my mail always deletes mails when u want em'..anyways like i was saying..sify mailbox does not delete mails and i ended-up charging my credit card to get a pop3 enabled mail box..i found two things..

1. Guys and Satyam get sify premium mail box for free ( which means i wasted my money through credit card with 2.5% service charge)..all tough i doubt this..very much.
2. give 1Gb mailbox for free, which means i was an idiot

Anyway, the sify box which i bought gives me 15 Mb box. Now that this does not delete mails ( i mean i click on delete and the mails re-appear!) almost 76% of the box is full with mails like ' Free viagra shipping to your doorstep or that some one in Africa needs money for Heart Transplant. Or that, how can i show my 'member' effectively on the evening date. I paid money for these.

I called up the customer service guys of SIFy for which i automatically become the premiem member and they know nothing about the so called 'Sify power mail account' The only reply i got was, ' Sir, please access and delete all your mails. lets you access any pop3 box via the browser. That means i have to go to to read my mails and to delete my mails. And then i paid for all these!

I said, i think i paid money to work entrely with sify environment. Then can't i get my mails deleted. Then i was put on hold which said " Your call is important to us..please be on the line...our customer service representative will be with you shortly..your call is important to us..(loop a million times)" After 100 years, the guy came back and said. " Sir, can your please be on hold?". I hung-up.

Now that COngress has won and the talks are going round of re-installing prohibition i can't buy beer and delete my mails.


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Warner Bros' FRIENDS comes to an end

Posted by vivek | 6 May 2004, 8:31pm

Warner Bros

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Phase 3 elections : Big game

Posted by vivek | 4 May 2004, 11:18pm


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We all have multiple personalities

Posted by vivek | 4 May 2004, 11:38am

Written by Yogesh Parmar  

Two distinct personalities. One person. One full of wrath, agony, spewing fire...the other calm, laid back, full of beans. Not bang contradictions...but Contradictions nonetheless. Come to think of it, this seems like a character sketch of two different nay opposite people. A closer look, and they are two facets of the same individual-a man of split personality-not exactly suffering from it-but affected by it.

A deeper look into our own souls and we realize that
we are all split personalities. Of various degrees of extremities though. Whilst one may be more mild in his actions and reactions the other might be more macabre ,on your face kind of a guy. How often do we end up being a person that we actually can be but more often than not don

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Elections 2004: nothing new in phase 2

Posted by vivek | 29 Apr 2004, 10:39pm

Nothing new this time in elections. Not even in Uttar Pradesh. Even the modern version of booth capturing by breaking and fiddling with the electronic voting machines was onpredicted lines! Now that even second phase has come to end there is nothing much to contemplate. Looks like it is NDA again. Psephologists all over the nation have been talking of the new fad called anti-incumbency where the people would vote for a different party, other than the incumbent one.

Congress hoped the anti-incumbency  sentiment to settle on a nationwide scale. That does not seem to happen. If we go by the exit-poll results conducted by major TV news channels, we can expect BJP to grab atleast 52% share in the second phase.

 If BJP goes shopping for few more seats with-in the NDA ambit, we can expect an NDA government. Going by the projected figures on exit polls it appears that BJP along with their allies would still be short by 15

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Outsourcing to India hurts average Joe in US

Posted by vivek | 29 Apr 2004, 8:10pm


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Elections 2004

Posted by vivek | 21 Apr 2004, 10:39am


Starting today we would be analyzing the progress of Elections 2004 with a specific purpose. Our aim here would be to de-mystify the whole who is against whom and where game. We are sure that after going through our periodic episodes of these articles, you would be able to participate in an intelligent conversation about elections. Initially we would be posting articles once everyday, till all phases of elections come to an end. Following which the frequency of up-dates on Elections 2004 would be need based.

We are sure, a through reading of all these articles would immensely benefit you as far as knowledge on current affairs go. So, watch this space for a Simple and effective coverage of Election 2004

Click here for previous articles on elections

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Posted by vivek | 14 Apr 2004, 2:00am


Welcome to our website - . We are here to give you an opportunity to interpret news and events that effect you. We are here to offer you a medium to propagate your opinions on matters that affect your nation. Be it the economic policies by your government or development initiatives that your local and central government has taken-up. A medium to place your opinions the way you have interpreted. Get to know more people with opinions just like yours. Write an article on a n issue you feel comfortable opining and send it to us. We place it in the website and get people to respond to your opinion. This way, everyone learns.

Events concerning a country's development is often analysed and opined only by experts, leaving no room for people like you and me to post our comments. We are here to bridge this gap. So just, get your thoughts organised and write to us at or use the 'send article'. We will get back to you in 24 Hrs with a response.Simple!

We have placed articles sent by people like you catagories. Click here to view them.

Remember, we take extra care that these articles are original and not a rip. That means, people would have really spent time in writing these for which they don't get paid by us. It is their genuine passion that drives them to write for us. So, please ask/inform us before you use these in your publications.


In this section, we would be help you get your health queries answered. Our aim in this section is to get budding doctors to exchange healthcare tips and in the process answer your questions on health, habits and fitness. Remain anonymous and ask the what you won't ask your family doctor or primary care physician!

We understand that this section can be very sensitive as far accuracy of information being exchanged goes. Hence, we advise you to seek professional medical advice for all your health concerns and use this section for the sake of information only. Ask questions, not pills. The law won't like us prescribing pills and we like law a lot! Also, please take time to read our disclaimer.


A micro-site on the world of Formula 1 racing. We had introduced this section because we felt the content on the main site was too monotonous with jargons only a business enthusiast would understand (atleast that is what people told us). Since, our audience is mainly novices in their field, probably in the age group of 18 to 30 we felt an addendum like this section would pump-in lot of fresh air. And it did!


We don't watch all these movies. We just use the reviews done by one of the finest websites we came across - . These guys are good at what they do and we just cut and paste their reviews. We thank them for allowing us to use their reviews.

We plan to open many more addendums like these. If you have an idea do contact us.



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